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DYKWILY - Tom Quigley

The latest EP from Tom Quigley introduces two standout tracks, "MY PANICER" and "WOAWA," each revelling in sonic exploration. Delving into introspection, "MY PANICER" weaves synthesis and ethereal vocals to craft a reflective soundscape inspired by woodland intricacies. In contrast, "WOAWA" delivers a faster tempo, blending garage, ambient, and UK electronic influences.


"DYKWILY" explores a diverse sonic spectrum, seamlessly melding tape-based textures and dynamic rhythms. Quigley invites listeners on a multifaceted journey through these tracks, each exploring the rhetorical question, "Do you know why I love you?"

wait it's uncutTom Quigley
whiteTom Quigley
WOAWATom Quigley
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