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SODAA Decentralised Compilation Vol 1

We’ve handpicked a selection of tracks from artists within the SODAA collective to curate an eclectic compilation of sounds. Co-releasing via a handful of independent labels, each label has crafted a unique tracklisting from a broad assortment of innovative and bold recordings. 


SODAA is a Self Organised, Decentralised Association of Artists gathering to imagine a model for a collectively operated music venue in London, run and funded by its members. 


All profits from our compilation will go to SODAA in support of their initiative.

SODAA Decentralised Compilation Vol 1

  • Format:

    DL - Lossless WAV

  • Tracklist:

    1. Natasha Giordano & Filip Sijanec - Eyes to the sky

    2. - Mashi (مشي)

    3. Bubble People - Duplicate

    4. excel dj - wifi enabled human image objectification

    5. Sangre Voss - adjective + noun

    6. oh!t - Comin Up Closer

    7. ovid - upstream

    8. ex.sses - leech

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