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Tara Pasveer - Og Imtel

Og Imtel is the debut EP of multi-instrumentalist and producer Tara Pasveer. Written and recorded in various bedrooms in London and The Hague, Pasveer combines vocal improvisations and experimental sounds with dreamy, melodic songs. Her lyrics are a combination of English, nonsense words and a language she made up based on reversed English.

As Og Imtel unwinds, each track is gracefully surprising. From Tum Tum Tak's beautiful choral-like harmonies to Miat Ni Kab's phonetically reversed lyrics; Glass's haunting simplicity to Click's ghostly vocal improvisations, or Wezens's experimental noise-scape. From start to finish, Og Imtel is a powerful listening experience, gently inviting you to another world.

Tara Pasveer - Og Imtel

  • Format:

    DL - Lossless WAV

  • Tracklist:

    1. Gloom

    2. Tum Tum Tak

    3. Miat Ni Kab

    4. Glass

    5. Clicks

    6. Wezens

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